Giro d'Italia game

Giro d'Italia

On Saturday 3 October 2020 the 103rd edition of the Giro d'Italia will start in the Italian city Monreale. Do you want to experience all stages with a lot of excitement? Then join the Giro d'Italia game and find out who knows the most about cycling. You can create a league together with family and/or friends. Playing this game is free of charge.


Days Hours Mins Secs
03:38  ValentinoGiallo
00:34  AIAIAI
00:18  Kettingreactie
00:09  Bangladushi
23-09  art


 Category 2020 vs 2019
 Participants 401 2918
 Male 393 2715
 Female 8 203
 Leagues 354 1126

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