Tour de France game


 Nationality  Vincentian
 Gender  Male
 Created team  1 aug '20 at 19:57 CET
 Last change  28 aug '20 at 11:38 CET
 Stars used  50

Points summary

 Combined points of 15 riders 3887
 Points collected by picked team 166
 Points from bonus questions 92
 Withdrawals and doping -
 Total points of cycling team 4145


 General   3
 Points   7
 Mountain   132
 Youth   2240  (+1)

Cycling team

  Overview   Statistics  

Pick 15 riders of which you think they will earn the most points for your cycling team during this race. Each rider has received a certain value based on his results in the last 365 days. The 15 riders you pick are not allowed to have a combined value of more than 50 points. For an overview of how the picked riders of your cycling team can earn points please go to the stage results and final classifications sections.

 My riders UCI code Team  Strength Stars Points
3  Carapaz, Richard ECU 19930529 INS
 Climber 298
14  Dumoulin, Tom NED 19901111 TJV
 Time-trialist 125
18  Aert, Wout van BEL 19940915 TJV
 One-day specialist 232
21  Sagan, Peter SVK 19900126 BOH
 Sprinter 466
41  Alaphilippe, Julian FRA 19920611 DQT
 One-day specialist 237
43  Bennett, Sam IRL 19901016 DQT
 Sprinter 502
44  Cavagna, Rémi FRA 19950810 DQT
 All-rounder (Time-trialist) 63
76  Martínez, Daniel COL 19960425 EF1
 All-rounder (Climber) 108
106  Skujiņš, Toms LAT 19910615 TFS
 Puncheur 99
131  Pogačar, Tadej SLO 19980921 UAD
 All-rounder (Climber) 718
151  Ewan, Caleb AUS 19940711 LTS
 Sprinter 197
154  De Gendt, Thomas BEL 19861106 LTS
 Puncheur 42
167  Mezgec, Luka SLO 19880627 MTS
 Sprinter 168
204  Hirschi, Marc SUI 19980824 SUN
 One-day specialist 328
211  Coquard, Bryan FRA 19920425 BVC
 Sprinter 304

Each day a team can earn points if they finish among one of the top teams in the team classification of the stage result or in the general team classification after a stage. Pick 1 team from which you think they will earn the most points for your cycling team during this game.

 My team for day and general classifications  Combined rider value of (provisional) startlist Points
 Team Jumbo - Visma (TJV)   166
Extra questions

Besides picking 15 riders and 1 team you also have to answer 6 extra questions. With these questions you can earn bonus points at the end of the game. You will be asked to pick the winners of all the classifications and to predict the final time of the winner of the race.

 Classifications  Winners  Strength Stars Points
 General classification  Dumoulin, Tom
 Time-trialist -
 Points classification  Sagan, Peter
 Sprinter -
 Mountain classification  Bardet, Romain
 All-rounder (Climber) -
 Youth classification  Pogačar, Tadej
 All-rounder (Climber) 50
 Team classification  Team Jumbo - Visma (TJV) -
 Final time of the winner  85 hours and 55 minutes  (40.472 km/h) 42

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