World Championships (ITT) game


In order to play our games you need a user account. If you currently do not have one then you need to create a user account. Doing this you automatically agree with the terms of use. Once you have verified your user account via the link in the confirmation email you can get started.

Pick 15 riders

After logging in you can start with creating your cycling team. The first thing you have to do is to pick 15 riders of which you think they will earn the most points for your cycling team during this race. Each rider has received a certain value based on his results in the last 365 days. The 15 riders you pick are not allowed to have a combined value of more than 35 points. This combined value is different per game and is based on the riders on the startlist. For an overview of how riders can earn points please go to the stage results and the final classification sections.

Pick 1 team

Once you have picked 15 riders you also have to pick 1 team. This team can earn points if they finish among one of the top teams in the team classification of the stage result or in the general team classification after a stage. For an overview of how many points your team can earn please go to the stage results and the final classification sections.

Extra questions

Besides picking 15 riders and 1 team you also have to answer 3 extra questions. With these questions you can earn bonus points at the end of the game. You will be asked to pick the winner of the race, the U25 winner of the race and to predict the final time of the winner of the race.

Point deduction

It is also possible to get point deductions. This will happen when a rider withdrawals from the race or in the unlikely event that the rider gets suspended because of doping charges. You can read more about point deductions in the withdrawals section.

Classifications and leagues

When playing our games you are automatically included in several classifications. Obviously you will be ranked in the general classification of the game you are playing, but also for every sub classification we will provide a ranking. Besides the game rankings we also have seasonal rankings. If you want to compare your scores with those of your family, friends and/or acquaintances then you can create your own league.

During and after every stage many different types of points can be earned by the riders in your cycling team. Points can be earned during the race via the intermediate sprints and categorized climbs. Depending on the profile of the stage riders will also receive points if they are among the top finishers on the finish line. After each stage there are also points given to the leaders in the provisional general and sub classifications.

Teams and team time trials

The team that you have picked can earn points in every stage where they are among the top teams in the team classifications of the stage results. In case of a team time trial there is an exception. With this stage type the riders cannot score any individual points via the stage result, but only with the provisional classifications. The teams however can now score more points than usually in the daily team classifications as shown in the points table below. Another way for your team to earn points is after each stage with the provisional general team classification.

Pos Stage result Stage classification IS Climbs

F  Results flat stage IG  Classification general HC  Climb of the highest category
MT  Result mixed stage or (team) time trial IP  Classification points 1C  Climb of the first category
M  Results mountain stage IM  Classification mountain 2C  Climb of the second category
Y  Results youth riders IY  Classification youth 3C  Climb of the third category
T  Results teams (if not a team time trial) TG  Classification teams 4C  Climb of the fourth category

At the end of the race the final classifications are the last way for your riders to score points. These points are given to the top ranked riders in the final general and sub classifications and can make it worthwhile to invest a portion of your 50 points in all-rounders. Additionally the team you picked can score points for the last time by finishing among the top teams in the final team classification.

Pos Final classification
1 50 - - 10 -
2 45 - - 9 -
3 40 - - 8 -
4 38 - - 7 -
5 36 - - 6 -
6 34 - - 5 -
7 32 - - 4 -
8 30 - - 3 -
9 28 - - 2 -
10 26 - - 1 -
11 25 - - - -
12 24 - - - -
13 23 - - - -
14 22 - - - -
15 21 - - - -
16 20 - - - -
17 19 - - - -
18 18 - - - -
19 17 - - - -
20 16 - - - -
21 15 - - - -
22 14 - - - -
23 13 - - - -
24 12 - - - -
25 11 - - - -
26 10 - - - -
27 9 - - - -
28 8 - - - -
29 7 - - - -
30 6 - - - -
31 5 - - - -
32 4 - - - -
33 3 - - - -
34 2 - - - -
35 1 - - - -

IG  Final general classification
IP  Final points classification
IM  Final mountain classification
IY  Final youth classification
TG  Final team classification

The extra questions are a way to score some bonus points at the end of the game. With these 3 stand-alone questions you will be asked to predict the winners of all the classifications and to predict the final time of the winner of the race.

Predictions and points
-  Predict the winner of the race 15
-  Predict the winner of the youth classification 15
 Predict the final time of the winner of the race winner 15

If a rider withdrawals from the race then your cycling team will receive penalty points. These points will be deducted from your total score. The amount of penalty points will increase with the amount of riders from your cycling team that will not be able to finish on the last race day.

Point deduction
 withdrawal -1
 withdrawals -2
 withdrawals -3
 withdrawals -4
 withdrawals -5
 withdrawals -7
 withdrawals -9
 withdrawals -11
 withdrawals -13
10   withdrawals -15
11   withdrawals -18
12   withdrawals -21
13   withdrawals -24
14   withdrawals -27
15   withdrawals -30

In some rare occasions a rider is disqualified by the race organization because of the use of doping. If this happens then all of the rider's earned points will be deducted and reset to zero. However, an already published day and/or week classification will not be changed. All final classifications will be determined at midnight on the last race day. Disqualifications after this time will not be calculated in the classifications.

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