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 Vuelta a España game presented by Wijnreder Media
On Saturday August 20, 2016 the 71th edition of the Vuelta a España will start in Ourense. Do you want to experience all stages with a lot of excitement? Then join the Vuelta a España game and find out who knows the most about cycling. Playing this game is free of charge.
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 Statistics 2016 vs 2015
 Latest changes in the startlist of the Vuelta a España
27/07 LTS  Van Der Sande, Tosh
25/06 CPT  Talansky, Andrew
30/05 TLJ  Battaglin, Enrico
30/05 MOV  Moreno, Daniel
20/05 DDD  Sbaragli, Kristian
20/05 DDD  Niyonshuti, Adrien
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 Vuelta winners in 2015
 Aru, Fabio
 Valverde, Alejandro
 Fraile, Omar
 Aru, Fabio
 Movistar Team
 Vuelta history
 Most earned points in 2015
551  Dumoulin, Tom
544  Chaves, Esteban
497  Aru, Fabio
478  Rodríguez, Joaquim
372  Valverde, Alejandro
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 Most picked riders in 2015
81 %  Quintana, Nairo
61 %  Froome, Chris
61 %  Valverde, Alejandro
51 %  Aru, Fabio
48 %  Degenkolb, John
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